Christian Education


Weekly Worship Opportunities


Connections                                 Sunday 9:00 AM (MC)

Leader: Brian Marlett

Digging Deeper                          Sunday 9:00 AM (FSR)

Leaders: Pastor Ken Adams and Thomas Long

Worship                                         Sunday 10:30 AM (MC)

FS College                                        Sunday 12:15 PM (Griffitts home)

Leaders: Jeff and Grace Griffitts
Men’s Prayer Meeting               Monday 6:30 AM (FSR)
Celebrate Recovery                    Tuesday 6:30 PM (MC)
Wednesday Eve Church             Wednesday 6:45 PM (MC)
Wednesday Men’s Group         Wednesday 6:45 PM ( MC-rm5)

FS Youth Grades 7-12

Connections                                  Sunday 9:00 AM (MC)

Wednesday Night Youth          Wednesday 6:45 PM (SC)

building opens @4:30 PM, $1 Pizza @ 5:00 PM, Games @ 6:30 PM 

FS Nursery- Birth to 5 years (MC) – FS Kids Grades K-6 (FLC)

Connections                                  Sunday 9:00 AM

Worship                                          Sunday 10:30 AM

Wednesday Night Kids             Wednesday 6:45 PM